The Authority On Automated Box Cutting

CASi-IBOD – Automated Box Cutting

The CASi-IBOD (Intelligent Box Opening Device) is an inline, pass-through box opening solution with an automated box cutting for safe inventory extraction.
The CASi-IBOD helps eliminate injuries and minimize damaged products associated with manually cutting boxes.

How It Works

Boxes can be fed in any order by any size. The CASi-IBOD measures the size of every incoming case to provide precision cuts to each box. This allows faster product removal by cutting and extracting items safely by removing the necessity of human use of a box cutter.

The CASi-IBOD is a completely automatic, self-feeding, and self-aligning system. The system uses photo optic and linear displacement measurements that dimension each box. After the box is sized it is automatically captured and positioned for cutting.


  • Precision Dimensioning System
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Dynamic cut pattern selection

Two Variations

CASi-IBOD Single is capable of cutting the top cases at rates up to 550 cartons per hour


IBOD Duo is capable of opening up to 950 cartons per hour.

CASi-IBOD Duo Overhead
CASi-IBOD Duo – Bird’s Eye

Three main cutting configurations

  • Box top
  • Front pick window
  • Tape seal cuts
  • A custom cut can be designed upon request