Avoiding Prescription Fulfillment Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks in prescription fulfillment negatively impact productivity and your bottom line. Follow these tips to prevent your orders from being delayed during the fulfillment process. 1. Speed up supplemental information printingThe number one bottleneck for nearly every PBM fulfillment center occurs during the printing of supplemental information. In a local pharmacy, the pharmacist usually prints… Continue reading Avoiding Prescription Fulfillment Bottlenecks

How to Prevent Inaccurate Warehouse Inventory Counts

Technology has become a vital part of every business, and inventory management is no exception. Whether it’s warehouse receiving, order fulfillment, or manifests, if your employees are still relying on pen and paper or simple spreadsheets to manage your products, you’re missing an opportunity to improve accuracy and productivity. Follow these tips to utilize technology… Continue reading How to Prevent Inaccurate Warehouse Inventory Counts

How to Streamline Reverse Logistics and Minimize Product Returns

Product returns are an unavoidable part of any e-commerce and mail order fulfillment business. While returns due to product dissatisfaction are part of the process, there are ways to reduce unnecessary exchanges and minimize the labor required. Follow these tips to streamline your product return operations.  1. Prevent returns in the first placeCustomers make mistakes… Continue reading How to Streamline Reverse Logistics and Minimize Product Returns

Maximizing Cross-Docking Efficiency

Cross-docking operations can save time and money by eliminating the need to store products at your site. Follow these tips to increase throughput and improve cross-docking sortation efficiency. Utilize conveyorsManually handling goods adds time and risk to every order. For larger shipments, specialized equipment, such as forklifts, may be needed to unload the cargo. To… Continue reading Maximizing Cross-Docking Efficiency

Pharmacy Trace, Verify and Track Tips

Complying with Prescription Drug FDA Requirements Stay up to date on the latest prescription drug FDA shipping and packaging requirements and best practices for pharmacies.* 1. Only accept ownership of a prescription drug that is accompanied by Transaction Information, Transaction History, and a Transaction Statement.The 2013 Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requires companies involved… Continue reading Pharmacy Trace, Verify and Track Tips