Automation Warehouse System

Automation Warehouse System

Invest in an automation warehouse system from CASI that will save your business time and money. Our solutions will enable you to maximize efficiency and improve performance in your fulfillment center; with so many different automation machines to choose from, you'll find just what you need when you shop with us. At CASI, we know that e-commerce fulfillment solutions need to be affordable in order to make an impact on your bottom line. Check with us first when you're searching for automated fulfillment and order processing equipment and we'll help you get set up while staying under budget.

6 Must-Have Automation Solutions From CASI

1. If you receive goods at your location and want an easier and more efficient way to open boxes, CASI's IBOD Box Opening System is an ideal choice. Automated box cutting ensures safe inventory extraction and eliminates human error, so you'll waste less product and speed up your unloading processes. CASI IBOD is completely automatic, self-feeding, and self-aligning.

2. To fully automate fulfillment for your e-commerce business, you'll need a smart conveyor system like that one we carry at CASI. Our Agility conveyors are flexible and able to move products and materials in challenging environments. Agility supports up to 130 lbs and can work around your existing production line's footprint, eliminating costly upgrades and changes.

3. CASI SORT is an automated receiving system that efficiently scans, manifests, and sorts incoming products without the need for human intervention. Sorting can also be used for automation and e-commerce fulfillment when needed. CASI SORT works at the speed of operators, automatically sorts to stock or aisle locations, ensures inventory accuracy, and scales to your business.

4. With CASI's Automated Storage Retrieval System, order fulfillment takes much less time and requires less human intervention. Our Micro ASRS stores and retrieves small loads to medium unit load items eliminating the need for bulky storage racks. Learn more about CASI's ASRS systems on our website.

5. SmartBox from CASI is a right sizing system that automates box resizing and saves your business money in materials and labor. Right size boxing also lowers dimensional weight shipping costs by automatically creating the right size box for every outgoing shipment. SmartBox is the ultimate automation and e-commerce fulfillment solution for every business that ships.

6. Let our team from CASI design and build a custom In-Line Manifest System with scales, scanners, and dimensioners. Take a moment to review some of our manifest systems by checking out brief videos provided on our website. We have a full line of scan, print, and apply applications designed to meet every need.

If your automation warehouse system could use an upgrade or you're looking for a way to drive down the cost of order fulfillment, you'll discover CASI has many ways to improve production and efficiency. Get in touch with our staff if you have questions about any of our machines or need a custom piece of equipment built exclusively for your location. Reach CASI at 814-870-9267 to speak with an equipment specialist.

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Automation Warehouse System
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Automation Warehouse System Automation Warehouse System