Automated Material Handling System

Automated Material Handling System

Partner with CASI when building an automated material handling system; we provide intelligent automation solutions for warehouses, factories, and other locations that require precise fulfillment and packing machinery to reduce labor and improve efficiency. Our custom tailored intelligent automated solutions include all of the following:

  • Flexible conveyors
  • Automatic box cutting & resizing
  • Sortation solutions
  • Scan, print, & apply machinery
  • Inline manifest systems
  • Order picking
  • Robotic palletizing & depalletizing
  • Scanning
  • Automated unloading, receiving, & sorting
  • Bagging
  • Robotic labeling
  • Software integration
  • Technical support

3 Automated Solutions You Can’t Live Without

1. Our powered flexible conveyor system is something every production line will benefit from; best of all, it conforms to any existing automated material handling system. The AGILITY conveyor’s 24-volt conveyor can morph from straight to a curved configuration to adapt to any layout. Our best-selling conveyor system is built tough in the US by Lozier, a manufacturer recognized for excellence in quality and precision.

You’ll find images of our flexible conveyor under the Solutions section of our website, along with a simple to fill out contact form in case you need additional information.

2. Automated box cutting and resizing machinery from CASI will help you reduce the cost of materials, and shipping costs, as well. Our automated material handling system detects the precise height of the highest item in each box, removes excess corrugated material, applies adhesive, and ads a lid. SmartBox automatically calculates the parcel savings for each box and reports to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Our customers appreciate the fact that SmartBox requires no IT support for installation. You’ll find 101 reasons to love SmartBox at your facility; see additional SmartBox features on our website.

3. If your products are packed in similar sized containers, our scan, print, and apply applications are ideal for shipping. Top and side apply systems correctly apply labels and bar codes, when needed. Our solutions integrate with almost any automated material handling system to ensure your line never stops moving.

CASI machinery streamlines labeling on boxes, poly bags, flats, and much more, all at a very affordable cost.

CASI’s Featured Solutions

You’ll many many additional reasons to choose CASI as you put together an intelligent automated material handling system in your place of business. Feel free to chat live with one of our equipment specialists right now if you have questions that need immediate answers. If you prefer over-the-phone communication, you can reach us at 814-870-9267.

Stay competitive, reduce labor costs, and maintain a high level of efficiency at your warehouse or fulfillment center with automated solutions from CASI that will keep your product moving down the line.

Seeing is Believing

Visit our video gallery to see first hand how our systems work and why they are a must-have for forward thinking businesses. Our partnership with Lozier has resulted in machinery that represents the best in innovation, manufacturing, and cutting-edge technology. It is you, our client, who benefits the most from our commitment to manufacturing and providing automated systems that are truly a cut above the rest.

Automated Material Handling System
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Automated Material Handling System
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Automated Material Handling System Automated Material Handling System