Warehouse Automation System

Warehouse Automation System

What makes a good warehouse automation system? It must be able to increase efficiencies and eliminate redundancies without adding a significant amount of cost. CASI offers award-winning products with the capability to transform your lines into truly modern workhorses.

Why do I need to automate?

There are many reasons to automate. From today's tight labor market to the pressure to increase output, there has never been a better time to consider automation.

While automation does not replace your valuable employees, it can:

  • Reduce the amount of labor spent on highly repetitive tasks
  • Eliminate long trips between stations on your different assembly or packing lines
  • Help employees focus their efforts on their specific job
  • Improve order-picking output by as much as 85 percent

Efficient warehouses are profitable warehouses. They are also more resilient to changing goods and labor market fluctuations.

What processes can I automate?

There are many promises when it comes to artificial intelligence and automation. However, it is important to keep in mind that some of the most difficult tasks to automate include manual labor. It is easier to replace an analyst than someone performing non-repetitive tasks.

Automation currently targets processes that require the most repetition and produce the largest improvements in output. Packing items, opening boxes, transporting goods throughout a facility, and scanning inventory are all examples of highly automatable processes.

That is not to say that improvements in artificial intelligence and robotics will eventually find solutions to more complex problems. CASI is at the forefront of technological innovation as a winner of the Fanuc Top Robotics Integrator and Innovation Award for three years.

Automation as an Aid

Reducing repetitive labor has a resounding impact on ROI, especially when it comes to order picking. Machines can work alongside labor to improve output.

When pickers no longer need to carry goods to packing or other stations, they can work faster without working beyond their limits. With the state of the labor market, there is even the hidden benefit of reducing all too common burnout among employees.

Machines for Warehouse Automation

There are many machines that offer to aid your employees. These can be specialized or all-in-one machinery. Using a mixture of the two can reduce costs and improve reusability.

Our systems integrators can help you decide what is best for your warehouse or factory. No one space is the same. No one process requires the same equipment.

Award Winning Automation

When you are ready to contact an integrator and begin reducing inefficiencies, the best companies to contact are those that thoroughly understand your industry. Finding a proven partner can be difficult.

The CASI suite of products works well with many different machines. Our all-in-one box packers and sorting systems offer a general solution as well.

Warehouse Automation System for My Business

A warehouse automation system offers a significant return on investment for many warehouses. With order picking eating up as much as 55 percent of employee time, smart conveyor systems and all-in-one machines are among the most useful technological improvements you can make.

Our systems integrators are ready to talk with you. Get in touch today and fight out how CASI can help.

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Warehouse Automation System Warehouse Automation System